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Hello people, my name is Luka Beridze and in the last article I was writing about the situation in my country Georgia, regarding the drug use and the actions that are taken by the government to neutralize overall drug use in the country. The situation regarding drug use and the whole perspective of drug related culture is being  revised globally, governments are starting to realize that harsh policy towards drug users is not productive at all, instead it marginalizes large groups of people and creates a stigma with which some people have to live most of their lives just because they are addicted to some kind of drug and seek help. In the global political scene the tides are turning regarding the addiction topic, governments seize their initiative to treat drug users with criminal accusations  and move on to funding their rehabilitation instead. This type of policy seems to be working when the government funds are adjusted properly and people are not being thrown to jail just because they chose to ingest some kind of psychoactive substance in their body.

The situation in Georgia is on the brink of change, because socially active groups are demanding the decriminalization of drugs in Georgia, they offer people a system which is not built on oppression and information extortion, they think that it is barbaric for the police to chase people and test them on something that they might have been taking  1 month earlier and on that basis make them criminals, our government doesn’t seem to understand or simply doesn’t want to accept that this kind of policy is much worse than they think, because when prohibiting natural substances like Marijuana, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), ecstasy and many others, they open up the door for various drugs, effects of which haven’t been studied yet, in addition with many more mix of substances that are responsible to induce a kind of high in individuals, this substances are far more dangerous than the ones that are regulated and forbidden, it is widely known that there will always be people who consume drugs, if they won’t be able to get their hands on their choice of drugs, would it be Marijuana or something else, effects of which were studied and are being actively studied in the mean time, they will be forced to buy drugs that are far more addictive and dangerous for their health and the health of their future children.

The regulation system that is presented in the countries like Netherlands or Portugal is the ideal policy in my opinion regarding the drug use problems and how to approach them. Drugs in Portugal are not fully legalized, and people caring big amounts of drugs might be arrested, but they are not taken in jail, except the situations when pretty big amount of drugs are involved, in other cases they are taken to the rehabilitation centre and treated properly, their future is something that government think intensively about, because they want their citizens to not get marginalized and thrown out of the society, government works on different levels of harm reduction and rehabilitation services so that a drug user can normally get back to the society and not be stigmatized because of his or her drug problems. Someone might think that decriminalization of drugs would be a trigger for heightened drug use, but as practice shows that is not the case, in the first year of decriminalization in Portugal drug use had rose slightly, but had been decreasing since then, and after 16 years from decriminalization, drug situation in Portugal has been stabilized, when compared to the situation before 2001, when Portugal was in severe crisis regarding the drug use problem and spreading of HIV in general population.


So the argument that Georgian government puts against decriminalization, is scattered and rejected, because the opposite has been shown in every single country that has decided to decriminalize or legalize drug use and started regulating it like any other legal narcotics, like alcohol or cigarettes. This was the topic that me and a famous Georgian singer had been talking about during our accidental meeting in California, were I was living because I was studying in the University of California and Bera on his side was going through America on tour, and I happened to be there at the exact same time that he was performing, that is a funny story actually and I want to write about it in the next part of my story, on top of that I feel that I need to talk about the situation of drug use, here in America, whereas this country is half way through completing the process of legalization, and turning drug industry from the criminal side to the side where it is controlled by the government and brings benefits to the medicine and economy of the country.





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Introducing Running Gamings
With the surge of application Run 3 game, and laid-back video gaming generally as a significant part of the video gaming market, a selection of styles have actually turned up that really did not exist previously. Among those categories is the run video game, or the running video game. Simple to play and also understandable, these games all include different skins and also various styles, however in the long run they all have practically the exact same concept.

What Are Run Gamings?

The short answer is that a Run 3 Unblocked game is a video game where a gamer guides a running figure through an obstacle program as that character is gone after by some kind of danger. Maybe an astronaut ranging from aliens, a miner leaving a collapse, or practically other sort of scenario. The theme coincides though; there is a character fleeing from some risk, as well as the player needs to aid the personality by directing them around barriers that would or else flatten or eliminate them, leaving them in the course of the important things that’s chasing it.

Some Run Game Examples

Probably one of the most renowned Raze 3 video games out there at the moment is Holy place Run. Created by Imangi Studios, this game has actually had numerous variations released for the iPad, apple iphone as well as other devices.

Other games such as Flooding Runner and also its sequels, Checkpoint, Raze Game, and also various other games all adhere to the very same, fundamental themes of this limitless running video game category. Whether it’s beating feet with a dark cavern or sprinting at superhuman rate with a city to soothe bombs, a run game constantly comes down to the very same quick reflexes and also feeling of what’s occurring when it comes time for a player to reach the last degrees.


The controls of any run game are very easy. For video games where gamers of Vex 3 see a side-scrolling jogger there’s usually bit greater than a dive button and a slide button; one to look at obstacles and one to go under them. For games where the cam complies with along behind the runner there’s a left and also a right motion, a turn motion, a jump and also a slide. In some games these may be keys that need to be pressed, as well as in others it could take certain movements on the touch display or computer mouse pad. It depends upon the game.

Tips and Tricks

In running games there’s only one point that players should appear ahead; fast reflexes and also a rapid eye. For players of cubefield that have a fast shiver response and also that can mash the appropriate switch in the appropriate direction, these games are essentially one, big double-quick time occasion that repeats over and over once again.

Regarding The Website

There’s no need to invest a lot of cash to play Cool Math Games, especially because most of them are casual games at best. That’s why we have all the most prominent run video games available on our website as well as open to the public. If a player desires to get his or her hands on something fun, quickly and easy to pass the time with, why should they fork over a lot of cash to do it? Or any kind of cash? All we ask is that gamers come, appreciate, as well as inform others concerning the experience they had.

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